A close-up pic of a lavender cat with curly pink hair parted to her left (viewer's right), flowing behind her.


Noise Pop Chiptune, Leftist Podcaster,
Portable Game Streamer

About Me!

Name: Proxy (or Adrian)

Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them (nonbinary woman)

Age: 30

aka: prroxy, ProxyGlitchcat (see below)

Location: Boston, MA; Waterloo/Kitchener, ON

Cat?: Yes, particularly glitchy at that too

Schooling?: BA Fine & Performing Arts, MCLA ('13) & M.Mus. Music Technology & Digital Media, University of Toronto ('17)

Links To My Stuff!

Bandcamp - I release music as prroxy (formerly Fuzzy Proxy). I am ostensibly a chiptune noise pop musician who also dabbles into other synth sounds and harsh noise.

Commune College - leftist edutainment podcast I co-host with two other lovely folks where we talk about the things we have approximate knowledge of (RSS feed link, find us on your fav podcatcher)

Twitch - I stream portable games as ProxyGlitchcat at least 4 times every week! I like to explore the strange and the interesting. Longplays every Saturday - Monday, casual showcase streams on Wednesdays.

Other links:
Ko-Fi, if you wanna financially support me!
Out & Loud Records

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